We spread the wings, You take the Initiative

About The Innovation Park


The Innovation Park falls under the Royal Science and Technology Park Parastatal which is a category, a public enterprise created through the Act of Parliament. The Innovation Park is situated at Phocweni and it covers an area of 160 hectares, it is located 5 minutes from the Biotechnology Park and it shares the “One Stop facility” that creates an enabling environment to the investor wishing to settle within the Science and Technology Park.

The Innovation park houses;

  • The technology based research and development center.
  • The Business center
  • The E-governance center
  • The Call Center
  • Administration facilities
  • Boardroom and Video Conferencing Center
  • Advance School of IT (Software development, hardware multimedia, cyber security, computer forensic and network forensic
  • National Data Center (future)

The Innovation Park development will start with an Information Technology Center which will support the Government Policy of expanding the applications of ICT and creation of additional electronic delivery of public services through infrastructure and institutional capability development. Technology is a means or Way of doing things, or a way of increasing human capacity to perform an activity. In line with this definition, the intention is to take advantage of the real time interchange of knowledge provided by the information Technology networks to deliver Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Services beyond our borders. With the advent of globalization, a nation’s production and innovation are no longer limited by national borders. Operations anywhere in the world where conditions are more favorable for that particular aspect.
We need to position ourselves to benefit from this revolution in the organization of work and production of goods and services to prepare for this, the IT Center will provide training facilities with training courses that will include Software development, Multimedia, Hardware and Networking for business incubation and company building.


  • To stimulate start up and growth of technologically intensive and knowledge based industries.
  • The innovation park will serve to facilitate the attraction of High Tech Companies to invest in the country as well as create favorable starting conditions for enterprises which plan to open their own spin-off companies.
  • It will also support the government policy of expanding the applications of ICT and creation of additional electronic delivery of public services through infrastructure and institutional capability development.



  • Decentralized for Individual occupants
  • IT Education center so as to achieve Human Resource Capacity Development in SADC region
  • Establishment of call center
  • Make the building to house data center in future
  • Entrepreneurship support Services and R&D Center in form of Business Center
  • Handholding, Operation and Maintenance
  • E-governance Centre including Development of Application
  • National Data Centre

 The Royal Science and Technology Park
The Royal Science and Technology Park is being developed to link education and training with the field of work with emphasis on research and development to support business enterprise. The RSTP’s objective is to lay the foundation for the development of a knowledge economy. It seeks to develop infrastructure to facilitate the development of science, technology and innovation through research and development in the economy. The RSTP will foster the conception of inventions and facilitate their patenting and will help knit various elements of the R&D cluster together.

The function of the RSTP is to provide a focal point for research, facilitate the links between research and industrial communities and stimulate the development of knowledge-based business through the incubation of techno-preneurship and high tech enterprises. The RSTP will also serve as a training base for persons with new, innovative skills and provide them with the environment to experiment on new technologies. Identifying potential investors in high technology in collaboration with Swaziland Investment Promotion Authority (SIPA) and inculcating a culture of entrepreneurship among Swazi Graduates would be a major occupation of the RSTP. The park will facilitate specially promoted research in response to national priorities and develop strategies for the development of human resources.